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necks are cracking sideways [entries|friends|calendar]
salute my shorts

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rez [21 Sep 2010|09:26pm]
i live in rez now, haha

tumblr is my new livejournal

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[10 Apr 2010|05:34am]
List 10 musical artists you like (do this before reading the questions below).

1. Rilo Kiley
2. Dresden Dolls
3. Neutral Milk Hotel
4. Bright Eyes
5. The Decemberists
6. Brand New
7. Metric
8. M.I.A
9. Elliott Smith
10.Blood Brothers

What was the first song you ever heard by 6?:
seventy times seven

What is your favourite album of 8?

What is your favorite lyric of 9?:
-"She appears composed, so she is, i suppose, who can really tell? She shows no emotions at all, stares into space like a dead china doll"

How many times have you seen each of your 10 bands live?:
MIA & Metric - 1
laaaame eh

What is your favorite song by 7?
i'm really digging WAVES, but IOU is pretty spiffy

Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
Oh Comely

What is your favorite song by 2?:
the jeep song , dear jenny, lonesome organist rapes page turner

What is your favorite song by 9?:

What is your favorite album by 1?:

How did you get into 7:
uhh. meg bought "grow up and blow away" i dug it a-fucking-lot

What is your favorite song by 4?
amy in the white coat, nothing gets crossed out

Who is your favorite band member in 9?:

Which of the 10 has influenced you the most?:
rilo kiley, kinda.. ushered me deeper into discovering my musical tastes and talents.
- dresden dolls made me friends ;) hahaha

What is a good memory concerning 2?:
listening to their cd's for hours on end, & watching their amazing dvds

Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad?:
nah not really. paper planes b/c its so over played

What is your favorite song of 1?:
SO MANY. umm any song when jenny says fuck!! & the frug

How did you become a fan of 10?:
ahaha just cause their fun to scream along to, and they actually have amazing lyrics.
>and because i love Johnny Whitney
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insomnia at its finest [10 Apr 2010|05:18am]
[ mood | awake ]

so im just chillin like a villain... it's preeety late, but apparently i'm nocturnal and i have been for the past few weeks.

i played this xbox game where the nazi's won the war and i had to fight my ass off to save New York..so far.. Needless to say i felt very unpatriotic.. but on the bright side, im sure no one would ever attack Canada, THEIR GUNS CANT PENETRATE OUR IGLOOS!

umm exams. bleeech

SPRING TIME! remember back in march when it was pretty hot, man that was such a tease. Today on campus it started hailing; the wind was blowing in my face too, it was pretty perfect.

i dunno i guess that's all to report. check ya in another couple months!

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topchef [27 Dec 2009|06:00am]
[ mood | weird ]


> today i cut my finger on a marker cap. it's a really deep cut too, but very narrow. weiiiird, i know

okay so, im gunna smoke then go try and sleep.

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hit the jackpot. [28 Jul 2009|07:53pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

soo life event. haha

i moved to downtown torannah. it's going really great =D like.. amazing.
i went up to the uni today too and damnn. she's nice.
and i had a great night last night, haha .

anyway, yeah. that's all :D
maybe i'll start updating more.. probably not. we'll see how bored i get

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yo livejournal [19 Apr 2009|06:43pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

it's like... the day before 420, i'm at sam's
we're going to have an amaaazing day tomrrow, woo

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[24 Feb 2009|11:27pm]
my computer sucks balls; i can't do anything on it for longer than 30 mins before it just shuts off.

NEED MONEY!! must buy new lapfuck. more cds. more dvds. more boooks.

I also need more sam in my life. he has the capabilities to make me happy, even in the shittiest of times.

okay i'm out. nothing left to say here
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still... [29 Jan 2009|02:02pm]
[ mood | sad ]

yup, still depressed. for stupid reasons too? fuck i don't know.
i need to get out of this city soon, very soon.

i also need to slap erin. that would probably make me feel better

maybe get laid too. yeah.

so hopefully when i complete those 2 things i'll be back to normal.

we can only hope

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sob story. [24 Jan 2009|09:31pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

so my life suuuucks.

hopefully everything will get better soon :(

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oh yay. [12 Nov 2008|06:43pm]
George Sr just confirmed that they are infact making an Arrested Development movie.

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omg [10 Oct 2008|08:27am]
[ mood | anxious ]

im sosososo excited for this weeekend. yeeeeee:D

i decided not to go to school today even though i got shit to do there.
friends are more important:P
and we like just got out report cards so it's not like it's a big deal.

okay, pity entry:P

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draped in camouflage [27 Aug 2008|03:43pm]
im mad all my friends are moving away.
im gonna have nothing to do.

school in a week:(

OOOH!! i read some of my old entries and damn. they're pretty embaressing to read. i think i'm going to have to get around to deleting them.
seriously this time
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jenny you're barely alive [10 Jan 2008|11:23pm]
so, i cut my bangs and they don't look half bad. well, compared to what they were before my quick 5 minute cut, they loos fabulous. If i had a camera or any way to take a picture i would, and post it here so EVERYBODY could see. everybody is kerry basically, very rarely though.

anyway.. i applied to university. go me. it was a long process, only because the stupid website kept crashing and going down. but i finally did it.

so...yeah this was just a lame update so EVERYONE ( kerry, i'm looking at you) knows that i'm alive.
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frapper les seaus [10 Nov 2007|05:33pm]
so. it appears that i've gone through a lot of pipes, bongs etc over the past year. Most of them got lost and others broke and ... yeah. I'm going to make a list of all the ones i've boughten in the past year.

1. Jackson
2. Kazoo
3. The Period (♥ best pipe)
4. The Pope
5. Pepe
6. Henrietta

Pepe and Henrietta are still around.

okay so.
Jackson broke into 2 pieces but we ended up saving the bowl then it was renamed The Chode. Me and Meg used Kazoo on the band trip until we bought The Period. We had the period for a while, but we ended up losing it at Stuwart Beach, and we're pretty sure someone stole it. The Pope came next, and it was a long fucking metal pipe. Meghan lost it at Ken's house. I still have the bowl and use it on occasion.
ummm. pepe is my pipe and henrietta is meghan's bong

... so yeah. apparantly i have a lot of time on my hands

EDIT !! lets see the others i remember it's july 2009.
k so sam had BLASTOISE for a while, he also had SQUIRTTLE .. a pipe that i gave him. PEPE got stolen when someone broke into my car one night.. so myla gave me her pipe, COCO .. until i broke it. then sam got JEREMIAH when he moved to barrie, a big ass amazing bong. erin gave me CARLOS, who's still kicking around somewhere, sam's the only one who uses that dirty tramp. i bought a pipe, NED haha, cause it has a newt on it, and still use it on occasion. The most recent purchase was a cute green bong named MARSHALL. and i picked up a popper somehow. but i'll probably just throw that out ;)
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cool [06 Oct 2007|04:33pm]
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MIA is pretty sweet. I may go see her again October 20

also, i'm going to a Regina Spektor concert on thursday, and i'm pretty excited about that.
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[10 Jun 2007|11:19pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

The art of choosing a movie while stoned.

"let's watch this one, it has Arnold Schwarzenegger in it
and he says 'PUT THE COOKIE DOWN'"

"wut? SOLD"

easy peasy

the difficult part was putting the movie in.
it was a VHS. what the hale?

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the whore of Babylon [29 Mar 2007|10:18pm]
I downloaded the new Bright Eyes album. I've listened to each song and i must say, they're all amazing. Some early favourites are 'Make a Plan to Love me', 'Soul Singer in a Session Band' and 'No One Would Riot for Less'. Four Winds is really good also, the lyrics are amazing and the tune is quite catchy.

I got my G2 on Tuesday. I assumed i was going to fail because i couldn't parallel park, i almost hit a car and my mom had just taught me to back into a parking space 10 minutes before my test. I took Drivers Ed too. i suck. oh well, i'd just advise everyone to take their test in Espanola, they pass everyone apparently.

Tomorrow i'm going to Barrie for 2 days. My brother has a hockey tournament but I plan on shopping at H&M the whole time. Okay, maybe not the whole time but i won't be attending any hockey games. My brother broke his collar bone so he won't even be playing in any of the games.

My mom is driving me to Mississauga on Saturday. I get to spend 3 days at my aunts house. joy. On Tuesday were driving to the airport to board our plane to paris. oops i mean


We're going there for about a week. We're going to be staying at my uncle's, cousin's flat. They're gone to the south of France or something when were going to be there. I have no idea what my aunt has planned for us. I assume touristy things. I'm excited.

My aunt made a promise to me since I was born that she would take me to Paris and now that day has come.

I told that to myla and she cried. okay not really, i wouldn't know anyway because this was over msn, but she said she was ~speachless~

bah blah blah

when i come back i'll be cultured.

Then a week and a bit after i come back, i'm going to Montreal with the band. haha. Robyn's giving me her ID so i can buy alcohol there. It should be fun. I'm not entirely sure who's in my room. Right now i think it's going to be Mariah, Meghan and myself. the 4th is a random person. Hopefully it's not a grade 9. I don't think i could handle that. haha.


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[06 Mar 2007|11:05pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

you know what? i don't care that my friends stopped using livejournal and are more interested in myspace now. Myspace is fucking retarded. There's so many viruses and it's a big fucking popularity contest. Sure, i have a myspace and i use it from time to time to creep and look at pictures. I'm not however posting 78263482634 bullitins each day begging people to give me comments. That's lame.

This all sounded better and more complete in my head before i started writing it.

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idontexistidontexistidontexist [06 Mar 2007|10:48pm]
I had the best dream last night. It was just getting to the good part too, then my alarm went off. I assumed it was 6:00 but nope it was 6:30. I was fucking pissed. Maybe the dream will come back again tonight...doubtful.

I'm officially going to Montreal. eep.

Tim Hortons hates me. i'm 0-8. but, on the brightside, the odds of winning are 1-9, so! i should win on my next coffee! Hopefully the good coffee maker, makes it

This song is amazing♥
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Gravity, it got you good. [26 Feb 2007|08:58pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I like Rilo Kiley, a lot
I like Tilly and the Wall, a lot
I like meeting new people
I like going downtown almost every day
I like going to Tim Hortons every day. roll up the rim season

I hate school. It's really lame
I hate waking up early to attend something lame
I hate the school bus. Give me a city bus. Or better yet, a car
I hate being sick. I am much better now though
I hate having nothing to do on the weekends

fuck eh. So, this is the... third? week of second semester? I don't remember. School is lame. i don't enjoy going, but i go anyway. Doesn't matter i'd best be going anyway. I'm missing all of April pretty much. Going to France for a weekish then when i return, i'm going to Montreal for the band trip. ha. well, maybe. I want to know who else is going before i say i'm going. I don't particularly want to stay in a random grade 9 or 10's room. Even for the sake of band. Who can go fuck itself by the way. 3 Sundays in a row i've shown up to stupid band either hungover or really spaced out from the night before.

Whatever, no one reads this.
I should be studying for my bio test tomorrow + History test Wed

ETA: haha. i was reading my old entries and i came upon a certain one where i complain about my friends wanting to get high. Like Jill and people. I was complain about how they thought i was stupid because i didn't want to do it and i thought they were just trying to be cool. (it's a friends only blog btw) ANYWAY. look where i am now. hahaha

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